Multiple restrictions and you may benefits of this data should be listed

Multiple restrictions and you may benefits of this data should be listed

Constraints and you can Characteristics

You to definitely downside, and that pertains to most search to your intentionality, is founded on the latest measurement of being pregnant intentions. Our very own strategies of purposes most likely grabbed merely restricted dimensions of the create. As an example, the brand new wantedness measure will features analyzed only conscious factors off curiosity about pregnancy. 25 , 28 , 57 As well, since teens could possibly get assume otherwise understand you to scientists glance at teenage maternity negatively, players have underreported pregnancy objectives. Various other restrict would be the fact shot dimensions limitations jeopardized the precision away from specific quotes that have been suggestive out of an association.

Fundamentally, due to all of our testing method and book target people, the performance might not be generalizable some other mainly Latino communities from inside the California or perhaps. As well as, data range for this studies finished in the 2004; overall performance may not affect later on cohorts. Although not, we know off zero big alterations in rules regarding the medical insurance, entry to contraceptives otherwise knowledge that may keeps inspired the prospective population. We therefore accept is as true unlikely that the matchmaking between your parameters we checked enjoys altered considerably in beautiful norwegian women sexy hot the intervening decades as the study finished, for example because the look question for you is perhaps not inherently date-delicate.

In spite of these restrictions, this mediation study had numerous methodological importance. By following teens over time, we were able to measure objectives ahead of the thickness out of maternity, hence to avoid keep in mind prejudice. 57 , 70 Also, of the conducting interviews every six months, we were in a position to scale brief-title objectives several times, and so trapping pregnancies after research from purposes and you will avoiding the have to believe that objectives was uniform throughout the years, 33 a downside away from large measure education. 17 , 23 Our very own capacity to measure the positions of your time-different predictors and you will the entry to a couple of purposes actions also are pros. Ultimately, we counted maternity using both pee pregnancy testing and you will notice-statement, and thus capturing pregnancies that girls may not have heard of.


Certain has actually debated you to definitely childbearing aim are very important and sufficient to own anticipating virility, despite public products, cultural norms otherwise method of getting contraceptives. 71 Below like a rigid rational choice design, the consequences toward maternity of the many structural chance facts might be firmly reflected within the aim. Contained in this study of Latina kids, motives had been in fact a threat foundation to possess pregnancy, regardless if these were a weakened predictor than has been expected. Yet intentions were not important in mediating the brand new relationship ranging from an excellent participant’s existence products and you can maternity; alternatively, it mattered as well as the individuals points. So it looking for helps past education recommending one to intentions should be considered separate exposure factors to own pregnancy. 23 All of our abilities suggest that differentials when you look at the adolescent maternity prices between sets of Latinas may be quicker a purpose of intentional choice and out of items, eg incapacity to use hormone birth-control, you to definitely lay specific adolescents at risk of early pregnancy. In addition, a lot of the players exactly who became expecting hadn’t need the newest pregnancy. Our very own efficiency call for an elevated desire, in search and software, to your issues you to definitely obstruct energetic contraception have fun with among youngsters who require to avoid pregnancy.


Brand new article authors give thanks to Carla Rodas, Evan van Dommelen-Gonzalez additionally the Mission Adolescent Fitness Endeavor search party because of their diligence and you can dedication to the project. They also admit Jennifer Johnson-Hanks on her careful contributions with the conceptualization from the paper.

The Purpose Adolescent Wellness Enterprise try funded by the offer R01-AI48749 regarding National Institute regarding Sensitivity and you will Contagious Disease (NIAID). Support for this post are provided by offer K01-HD047434 about Federal Institute out-of Man Health insurance and Human Invention (NICHD). This new opinions and results showed in this post are those from this new writers and do not always show the state reputation out of the brand new NIAID or NICHD. A young type of this information are presented during the annual conference of Society for Epidemiologic Look, Anaheim, California, .

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